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Cemetery Regulations

Saint Hippolyte Cemetery, Frenchtown
​Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Pettis

  1. Cemetery Hours are dawn to dusk — seven days a week.
  2. Artificial flowers may not be used from April 1 through October 30. Spring clean up begins April 1. Please remove all winter decorations by April 1.
  3. From April 1 through October 30 all flowers must be planted in the ground. Plantings may be placed no more than one foot from the front of the headstone. No freestanding flowerpots are permitted. (Existing permanent urns are exempt. No new permanent urns are permitted.)
  4. If at any time the weeds/grass in the planted flowers are taller than the flowers, all will be mowed off.
  5. Mulch of any kind — stone chips or wooden bark or nuggets — or edging materials may not be used on any grave.
  6. Bushes, trees or shrubs may not be planted on any grave or lot. The caretaker will remove or trim existing trees or shrubs if their branches hinder mowing.
  7. Metal or wooden frames, hangers or poles for hanging pots, decorative flags, etc. are not permitted on any grave. Only American Flags placed by Veteran’s organizations and flags denoting community service placed by authorized groups are permitted.
  8. Freestanding or hanging solar or holiday lights are not permitted on any grave.
  9. Pets are never permitted in the parish cemeteries at any time.

To purchase a grave space in either of our parish cemeteries or for questions related to the cemetery lots, please contact Dan Hamilton at 814-724-3174. For all other cemetery inquiries, contact the parish office at 814-789-2022.